How can I subscribe to One Story?
One Story is available in print, on the Kindle and Kindle App, and on Apple iOS devices.

You can order a print subscription here or a gift here.

To purchase a Kindle subscription, visit our page in the Kindle Store. If you are using the Kindle App on another device, you’ll need to download the Kindle App from that device’s App Store.

To subscribe on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch), get our iPhone/iPad App!
Does a print subscription to One Story grant me access to digital content?
Not yet.
Missing / Late issue:
I haven’t gotten the latest issue. Is there something wrong with my subscription?
Our issues mail on the issue date which you can find on our stories page. They can take several weeks to travel. Some really take their time. Please be patient and let us know if you skip an issue. We’ll send the missed issue out as soon as possible.
When will my first issue arrive?
It usually takes between 4 and 6 weeks for a subscription to start. The confirmation email you received when you subscribed will tell you your start issue. Our issues mail on the issue date which you can find on our stories page. They can take between 1 and 3 weeks to travel in the mail. Some really take their time.
Address Change:
How can I change my address?
To change your address, please go to our login page and enter the email you used to subscribe. There you can also choose your login password. If there is no email address on your account (this can happen if you subscribed via the mail or if you were given One Story as a gift) use our customer service contact form to have one appended to your account. We will confirm that it has been added and you can then manage your subscription on your own.
Privacy Policy:
Why do you need my email address?
We use an email address as a unique identifier. It becomes your login name. We will not sell or rent email addresses at any time. If you have checked that you would like to be on our mailing list we will use your email to send information about your subscription and information about One Story events and authors. We do our best to use your email sparingly since we all have far too much mail clogging our boxes.
Do you sell or rent any of my personal information?
From time to time we may rent our list of subscribers and submitters (mailing addresses) to like minded organizations for a one time only use. This is an additional source of revenue for One Story and allows us to continue publishing. We do not and will not rent or sell phone numbers or email addresses since we believe contact by phone or email is simply too intrusive. If you would prefer that we do not rent your name and mailing address, please use the contact page to request to be removed from this list.
Back Issues:
Can I order single back issues?
Please see our back issues page.
Can I order single digital back issues?
The only digital back issues currently available are via our iPhone/iPad App. Currently our digital catalog available for single issue download only extends back to issue #176, but we are currently working on digitizing our entire back catalog.
Is there a large print version of One Story available?
Subscribers needing a large print version can use one of our digital platforms, all of which allow the reader to enlarge the type.
Does One Story accept advertising?
No. One Story is an advertising free publication.
Editorial / Submissions:
What is the status of my submission?
You can check the status of your submissions at any time by logging into your account. “Received” means that your story has been received and is in our database. We usually can respond within 4-12 weeks, but it sometimes takes longer. If you don’t hear back within that time, please be patient.
Will you send me comments on my story?
No. One Story receives close to 100 submissions each week. Please understand that we do not have time to comment on individual stories.
Can I change the story I submitted with an updated draft?
Can I send a story that is over 8000 words or shorter than 3000 words?
No. Please see our submission guidelines.
Do you consider translations?
Does One Story accept simultaneous submissions?
Yes but please let us know if a piece is accepted elsewhere so that we can withdraw it from consideration.
Website / Login:
I forgot my password. What do I do?
Go to our Login Help page and use the form to have a new random password emailed to you.
Jobs / Internships:
I’d like to work for One Story. Do you have an internship program?
Internships at One Story are unpaid and require interns to be able to work at our office in Brooklyn for a minimum of 20 hours each week. Applications for our Summer 2016 internship program will open in January. Interested candidates should email their résumés to .
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