3 Writers We’ve Been Watching

On June 24th, 2010 Dzanc Books published their own “20 Writers to Watch” in response to the “20 Under 40” list from The New Yorker and three One Story authors have made the list! Congratulations to Kelly Link (issue #59: “The Great Divorce”), Yannick Murphy (issue #109: “The Good Word”), and Laura van den Berg (issue #102: “What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us”). Dzanc Books used different criterion from that of The New Yorker and, according to them, their list better represents “the independent publishers of today.” Sounds like One Story to me!

From the Trenches: An OS Intern’s Top 5 Art Picks

With the One Story Literary Debutante ball little more than two weeks away (5/21!), our office is now filled with art for the silent auction. Some of the pieces come from artists with studio space in our building, the Old American Can Factory. A few days ago I got to stop by May Luk’s studio to see what type of ceramic she is working on for “Foreign Girls” by Tom Grattan. Without giving too much away I can say that the vase is lovely. It’s a perfect match for the story, sort of delicate with May Luk’s beautiful attention to detail and somewhat whimsical design. The most exciting part about the artwork coming in is how each piece is so different from any of the others in the same way that One Story has no real genre or prerequisite as a publication except telling a good story. Each of the pieces does just that. Not surprisingly, my favorite pieces of art coincide with my favorite stories. From the pieces I’ve seen so far my top five are:

1. May Luk’s ceramics inspired by “Foreign Girls” by Tom Grattan
2. Jan Meissner’s photograph inspired by Terese Svoboda’s “Bomb Jockey” (image above)
3. Dale Williams’ oil and pencil on wood drawing inspired by Ben Miller’s “The Man in Blue Green”
4. Becca Heuer’s photograph inspired by Adin Bookbinder’s “Meteorology”
5. Brandi Strickland’s collage inspired by Seth Fried’s “Frost Mountain Picnic Massacre”

More info on the art and silent auction to come soon. Happy bidding!

Intern out.