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Dear Friends,

As much as we love summer here at One Story, we always find ourselves a little short on funds at this time of year. I’m writing with an emergency appeal to help us through the dry month of August.

Please support One Story with a tax-deductible donation today.

We’ve got so many exciting thing coming up — we’re launching a new education series, the second season of One Teen Story is about to begin, and we’re publishing our first graphic short story ever. But without your help, getting to the fall will be quite difficult.

We need you more than ever. Every donation will make a difference. Please lend us a hand today.


Maribeth Batcha

Patrick Ryan new Editor in Chief of One Teen Story

PRyanWe are delighted to announce that Patrick Ryan will be joining our staff as One Teen Story’s new Editor-in-Chief.

Patrick Ryan is the author of the story collection Send Me and three novels for young adults: Saints of Augustine, In Mike We Trust, and Gemini Bites. His stories have appeared in The Best American Short Stories, Tin House, One Story, The Iowa Review, Yale Review and elsewhere. From 2009 to 2013, he was the associate editor of Granta, where he commissioned, edited, and published work that went on to appear in The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Essays, The Best American Non-Required Reading, The PEN O’Henry Prize Stories, and The Pushcart Prize anthology.

Ryan is also the author of One Story Issue #53 “So Much for Artemis,” which was re-printed as a promotional issue of One Teen Story, when the magazine first launched. Patrick Ryan will replace former Editor-in-Chief Pei-Ling Lue, who took One Teen Story through its first year, publishing authors such as Matt de la Peña and Francesca Lia Block.

“It’s a terrific honor,” Ryan said. “One Teen Story has already shown us that lovers of young adult fiction are as eager for short stories as they are novels, and I’m very excited to be coming on board.”

“Patrick Ryan understands both sides of the publishing desk—as an editor and also a writer,” said One Story co-founder and Editor in Chief Hannah Tinti. “He played a huge part in raising Granta’s profile over the past few years, and is a force for good in the literary world. We’re so lucky to have him joining us.”

“We’ve seen such enthusiasm for One Teen Story this past year from readers and writers,” said Publisher Maribeth Batcha, “and are excited that Patrick Ryan will be joining our team at this crucial time. Having published three young adult novels of his own, Patrick is uniquely qualified to build on this support and increase One Teen Story’s visibility and reach in the Young Adult world. We look forward to working with him on this growing publication.”

One Teen Story is a literary magazine for young adult readers of every age. Each issue features one amazing short story about the teen experience. One Teen Story is published by One Story, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that publishes One Story, the award-winning publication that features the best of today’s literary short fiction. One Story, Inc. is supported by individual contributors and by foundations and corporations including the National Endowment for the Arts, NYSCA, and For more information, visit

UPDATE: Read Patrick Ryan’s interview with Ron Charles in today’s Washington Post!

At Home Visits with Adopted Stories

With just a few days left until our 11th Anniversary, over 130 stories have been adopted by our incredible fans. They are enjoying fresh air, companionship, cowboy boots, and a bit of sibling rivalry. Won’t you adopt one too?

To do so just donate $25 or more online. Your adoption saves them from a life in a dusty drawer, and allows One Story to get more of these little guys out there in the world. Support us today. Adopt a story and send us a photo when you do!

Adopt a Story Today!

Issue# 66: "Pilot, Co-Pilot, Writer" by Manuel Gonzales, adopted by An Tran

Issue# 66: “Pilot, Co-Pilot, Writer” by Manuel Gonzales, adopted by An Tran

One Story’s 175th issue is in the mail right now. Over the past 11 years, we’ve published 175 stories by 175 different writers. As an organization, we feel it is our job to nurture short fiction, and today, we are asking you to join us.

In the next four weeks, we’re seeking 175 different donors to adopt an issue and help us through difficult financial times.

To adopt an issue, give $25 or more.

When you do, we’ll assign you an issue and send a copy out in the mail right away. Donor 1 will receive our very first issue, John Hodgman’s “Villanova: Or How I Became a Former Professional Literary Agent.” Donor 59 will get Kelly Link’s “The Great Divorce” and Donor 114 will get Andrea Barrett’s “Archangel.” Each issue will come with a personal note of gratitude from One Story.

2012 was a year of great growth for the magazine, but with great growth comes added expenses. We need your help more than ever, and our stories need good homes.

Please adopt one today.


Help One Story and get an award-winning issue!

As we’ve written about here before, One Story just wrapped up its second Workshop for Writers, during which we hosted twenty emerging writers for a conference that included six days of intensive workshops, craft lectures and industry panels. We’re proud to report that students truly valued their experience with us:

“The workshop was the first time I’ve felt that what I do is important. For a solitary writer, the experience of meeting, connecting with, and learning from others in the field is priceless. I’m inspired.” —Adam Sturtevant, 2011 Workshop Participant

Having this talented group of students in our offices at the Old American Can Factory reminded us how important our mission is for the next generation of writers, not just as a venue for publishing their work, but as mentors, community builders, and now, as educators.

Donations from friends like you make up over 20% of One Story’s annual budget. These funds allow us to focus our attention on writers rather than on our bottom line. The support is greatly appreciated, and in the summer months, greatly needed. We have a very lean operating budget, and summer always finds us—like many nonprofits—a little low on funds.

Any amount you can give today will help us make it through to the fall.

As a thanks for your generosity, if you donate $25 or more before September 1, 2011 we’ll send you an award-winning* back issue of One Story.

Please join us in publishing One Story.

*Your story will be selected from one that that was named best of the year by The Best American Short Stories, The Pushcart Prize, or The O. Henry Prize Stories. We’ll make sure you haven’t received it as part of your subscription and get it in the mail right away.

A Sad Farewell to Tanya Rey

It’s feeling very much like the end of summer camp around here. Yesterday we said goodbye to our incredible interns (see their post below). Today, our task is much harder, saying farewell to Tanya Rey, who has been our Managing Editor for over three years. I told the staff yesterday that I am lousy at good-byes. I do not much like them, and prefer to behave as if every good-bye is more of a see-you-later so I’ll keep this short.

Tanya was One Story’s first full-time employee. She helped One Story professionalize and grow up. She’s become a phenomenal story editor, grant writer, PR Machine, party planner, gift buyer, and most importantly a wonderful friend to all of us at One Story. Her commitment to the magazine has been amazing, and her hard work is hugely appreciated. We will all miss her.

Tanya’s moving on to work on her novel full-time. She’s taking one of those writerly leaps of faith. We expect that she will not just leap but soar.

Introducing Our Debutantes

One Story’s Literary Debutante Ball: A Celebration of Emerging Writers is now just 18 days away. Here at the office we’re a little crazed. Art is coming in and being photographed, performances are being planned, volunteers are being recruited. It’s our first ever benefit, and we are figuring it out as we go along.

But today, we’d like to take a moment to announce one of the most important aspects of the evening – the debutantes and their escorts.

On the evening of May 21, 2010, comedian John Hodgman will be presenting 9 writers who published their first work in our pages. At One Story, publishing a debut writer always excites us — a first publication is a milestone in a writers life and we do our best to help our writers celebrate. The ball is allowing us to do this in a big way, to look back at some of our debut writers, to present them in person, and to see how far they’ve come.

Each one of our debutantes has selected a mentor to escort them in the procession.  The mentors are established writers who have helped these writers at important points in their careers. The debutantes and their fabulous escorts are:

Tickets for the event are selling faster than we expected. If you’d like to join us for the Literary Debutante Ball in Brooklyn on the 21st, click here.

Hannah Tinti Wins Pen/Magid Award!


Yesterday, the Pen American Center  announced that Hannah Tinti had won the Pen/Nora Magid award, which honors a magazine editor whose high literary standards and taste have, throughout his or her career, contributed significantly to the excellence of the publication he or she edits. 

This award confirms what those of us who work with Hannah have known all along: She’s one of the best editors in the business.  

John Hodgman introduced me to Hannah almost fifteen years ago. She was getting her M.F.A. from NYU and I was getting mine from Columbia. We went to a lot of parties back then and we’d sit and talk about our work and about short stories. When I had the idea for One Story, Hannah was the only person I asked to edit it. I knew that for the magazine to fly, the stories had to be nearly perfect and because of Hannah they have been. Of the 119 issues we’ve published, 45 have been acknowledged as among the year’s best. 

What’s incredible about working with Hannah is the passion she feels for each of our stories. I’ve gotten calls late at night when she’s found a fantastic one in the slush pile. At editorial meetings, she presents upcoming issues to the staff, telling what each one is about with so much excitement that she makes work feel like storytime. 

But it’s the work she does with writers that has made One Story the success it is. O. Henry Prize and Best American Short Story-winning author Paul Yoon, whose collection Once The Shore was published this year by Sarabande Books, wrote this to me about his experience working with Hannah:

“One of my fondest memories of Hannah is receiving the “few suggestions” she had for my story “Once the Shore” before it was published in One Story. It was my first experience with an editor and my jaw dropped. She had deconstructed the story, line by line, with clear and intelligent thoughts on why a certain word was not the best fit or why a sentence did not work or why a certain idea should be further explored. And she did all this while staying true to the story’s voice and vision. And so began the months and months of drafts and correspondences. She took that story by the hand and guided it, immersed herself into that fictional word with unparalleled devotion and passion. It was one of the most rewarding times in my life. I don’t get the chance to see Hannah often these days but when I do, one of the greatest pleasures for me is to listen to her wrestle with the intricacies of a story she is editing for One Story. Stories are always on her mind. There is no one more dedicated to that art. We are all aware of, and devoted to, the power of Hannah’s own fictions. What moves me especially about the PEN award is the long-awaited public recognition for her tremendous gifts as an editor. I couldn’t be more proud. She is a writer’s dream. Someone who will stay with you on that journey, with selflessness and conviction. And each day I feel blessed to have worked with her.”

The PEN/Magid will be presented on May 19th in New York City at the 2009 PEN Literary Awards. To find out more and read the press release, go here. In the meantime, I hope you’ll join me in congratulating Hannah on her editorial work over the past seven years for One Story.

One Story Launches Submission Manager

One Story has been accepting submissions online pretty much since our launch. We chose this route because it allows us better tracking of submissions and saves writers the expense of printing and mailing their work. It also saves quite a bit of paper.

For the past year or so, Devin Emke, the developer of our system, has been working with the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP) to develop a customizable version for other literary magazines. We’re pleased to announce that Submission Manager is now available for sale at CLMP’s web site. Several magazines (Fence, Jubilat, and Ploughshares) are already using the system, and quite a few others will be coming online soon.

We’re so proud of this product and can’t wait to show it off. CLMP will be hosting demonstrations in their offices this fall. If you’d like to be invited to these, or if you’ve got questions about Submission Manager, send an email to

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