Isue #125: Desiderata

desiderata0001Our new issue, “Desiderata” is the latest from author Jennifer Haigh. Best known for her award-winning novels, The Condition, Baker Towers and Mrs. Kimble, Jennifer is also an accomplished short story writer, and we’re pleased to welcome her to our pages. What first struck me about this story was the setting of the small town of Bakerton. There is tension in a place where every neighbor has watched you grow, from when you were a little girl. Sometimes they can end up knowing more about your life, including your family secrets, than you do yourself, and that’s exactly what happens to Joyce, when she unearths her husband’s history as she goes through his things after his death. I loved the way that Jennifer used these simple objects–books, photographs, and a bicycle-to reveal the inner lives of her characters. You can read more about how Jennifer wrote “Desiderata” by reading her Q&A, where she reveals more about Joyce and Ed, and where this engaging husband and wife first appeared in her work.

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  1. “Desiderata” is a profound story, deceptively simple in its telling but full of life’s truths. The characters all seemed especially real, and a couple of the scenes were heartbreaking. As a short story reader, I can’t think of any other short stories that were sequels to novels (though John updike’s novella “Nelson and Annabelle”, a sequel to his Rabbit books, comes to mind.) I applaud Haigh for delivering a stand-alone sequel so beautifully. It achieves the unlikely — it makes me determined to seek out Haigh’s novel “Baker Towers”.

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