Drowned Boy & Total Oblivion, More or Less

Two recent publications by One Story authors that deserve your attention these days are: Jerry Gabriel’s Drowned Boy, and Alan DeNiro’s Total Oblivion, More or Less. All of us at One Story are bursting with pride to see two of our early writers go on to publish such exciting new books.

Jerry Gabriel published Issue #11, “Boy’s Industrial School”, with One Story in our very first year. His debut collection, Drowned Boy, was chosen by award winning novelist (& One Story author) Andrea Barrett to win the 2008 Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, and was just released by Sarabande Books. Drowned Boy has already been chosen as a Barnes and Noble “Discover Great New Writers” Selection and is a 2010 Barnes and Noble Discover Award finalist. Here’s what Andrea had to say:

“These are rust-belt blues, then, a vision of and lament for a past time and a swiftly changing place. They’re not showy-the language is plain, the tragedy muted, the comedy low-key and wry-but they stick in the mind. Ray Carver would recognize these characters and situations, as would poet Philip Levine. I like to think that that they would share my appreciation for this fine first book, built slowly and carefully over some years, and worth the wait.”

Alan DeNiro published one of our wildest pieces, issue #22 “Child Assassin”, with One Story back in 2003. His fantastic collection, Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead came out in 2006 with Small Beer Press, and now his first novel, Total Oblivion, More or Less has recently been published by Bantam.

One of my favorite writers, Dan Chaon , describes the book like this: “This is a wonderfully weird, fun, touching, heartfelt and memorable novel. Imagine if Huck Finn had been living in post-apocalypse America, and Terry Pratchett had been promoted to God, with George Saunders as his avenging angel. The world of this book is a little like that. In this case, the role of Huck is played by a sixteen-year-old-girl named Macy, whose smart, mordant, utterly convincing voice grounds our journey through this crazy landscape. Macy reminds us that no matter how surreal things get, there is still resilience and hope in the human spirit. Alan DeNiro has created a hilarious and terrifying dream world, but his real genius is that he’s peopled it with characters we come to love.”

I can’t recommend these two talented writers enough. Drowned Boy and Total Oblivion, More or Less should be the top of your 2010 reading list.

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