Issue #130: Bomb Jockey

I’ve been a fan of Terese Svoboda’s work since I picked up her novel Tin God. Later, I met Terese in person at Word of Mouth, an organization of women writers, and then again at the Imagination Writer’s Conference, where she gave an amazing reading of her memoir about her uncle, Black Glasses Like Clark Kent. After admiring her writing for so long, it gives me great pleasure to finally welcome Terese to the pages of One Story. Issue #130, “Bomb Jockey,” combines the riveting tale of two young lovers with a deep sense of language. Set in a mid-western town during World War II, it tells the story of Hump, a cowboy who buries bombs and his girl, a beauty pageant pacifist. Terese Svoboda plays with tone throughout the piece, until her story shines, not only with the emotional depth of her characters, but with the very words on the page. To find out how Terese wrote “Bomb Jockey” (and why she considers Hump a WWII Dr. Strangelove), read her Q&A with us. And if you live in New York, join us tonight, at 6:30 pm at the New York Society Library, where Terese will be representing One Story and reading from “Bomb Jockey” as part of a literary salon, performing with John Wray from A Public Space and Cathy Park Hong from Jubilat. We’re looking forward to celebrating the publication of this fascinating new story.

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