Things we Like: Low Log, a discussion of headlines and life.

"Windmill" by Tisch Abelow

At One Story, we are consistently amazed by the talent contained on our editorial staff, in Brooklyn in general, and on some wine-soaked evenings, THE WORLD AT LARGE.  So, we were not suprised to hear of a new venture one of our illustrious editorial assistants Michael Pollock has undertaken.  He and his friends have launched a super cool website called Low Log.  Low Log is described as “dedicated to a discussion of all topics falling under the categories of headlines, life and art.”

What’s different about this site is its friendly layout and readability; its smart, down to earth commentary.  Refreshing at a time when everyone and their cat has a blog or a Twitter account.  Low Log’s layout makes it easy to jump from an article about a mother’s advice on cold weather to a discussion of the pros and cons of the Kindle.  As easy as, say, a frog jumps from log to log.  Is Low Log named after this propensity?  Do frogs even jump from log to log?  And, is Michael Pollock’s middle name really JACKSON, as he insists? 

Some questions will never be answered.  In the meantime, check out more information on this fun site, including how to submit your own work, at Low Log Submissions.

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