Helen Ellis Shows How A Luddite Reads One Story

A friend of Hannah Tinti’s, Helen Ellis, is a self-proclaimed Luddite with a new book and a new website, Helen Ellis Writes. In a charming video series, “Diary of a Luddite,” Helen keeps us informed about the difference between Luddite and Green, what a magazine looks like, and how to teach your cat to answer the phone. The short videos are just kind of delightful in their simplicity and humor. This week she has a segment about One Story, and tells us about Hannah’s first 6-floor walk-up apartment in the East Village. It’s hilarious, and a good reminder of the pleasure of getting One Story in the mail. I particularly like the moment when she whips out a hunting knife to open the envelope. As Helen tells us, “I like to read it in the tub.” Watch below, and check out Helen’s new book, The Turning, about a girl’s strange and frightening transformation.

Thanks for the shout-out, Helen! You can see our latest story, “Stiltsville”, featured via the link below.

Helen Ellis on One Story

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