Issue #138: The Husband

I’ve been a fan of T Cooper’s writing since I read Lipshitz 6 or Two Angry Blondes, which made me go and seek out his first book, Some of the Parts. There is a truth to T’s characters that as a reader I rarely come across, and so I’m just over the moon that we’re running one of his new stories,“The Husband,” in our pages. What is interesting about this piece is how it turns from an exploration of grief to a study of masculinity, all while maintaining a tight emotional through-line. The husband in this story is also a father, and finds himself mourning not only his wife, but also his daughter, who has transitioned from female to male, and taken on a different name: Daniel. Daniel’s father watches his new son’s ease inhabiting the world, just as his own masculinity is failing him. What follows is both beautiful and heartbreaking, as the husband retreats into memories of the days when he could still take hold of his wife’s dress and pull the zipper down. To find out more about how T wrote this story, visit his Q&A with us. And be sure to check out T’s new graphic novel, The Beaufort Diaries, out this month with Melville House. Trailer is below, narrated by X Files/Californication actor & One Story crush David Duchovny!

2 thoughts on “Issue #138: The Husband

  1. I was thoroughly impressed and inspired by T.Cooper’s ‘The Husband.’
    A thoughtful glimpse into the life of a man who’s character is treated delicately, and with compassion. He by another light, might be seen as pathetic, but he’s not. He’s one of us.
    I added The Beaufont Diaries to my wishlist, and will soon acquire it.
    Thank you for introducing me to an insightful writer.
    I found it was even better read aloud.

  2. I competed the story a couple weeks ago and was so impressed that I downloaded a couple of his old stories from his website and ordered his book. The guy gots some skills.

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