Stiltsville by Susanna Daniel

A few issues back (One Story # 134), you all got a sneak peek at Susanna Daniel’s forthcoming novel, Stiltsville. Well, now it is has finally hit bookstores, and the critics are loving it! Here’s what Bookpage had to say:

“Daniel’s characters are emotionally complex and so believable that Stiltsville almost reads as a memoir rather than a work of fiction . . . Daniel strikes a perfect balance of wit, weakness and tenderness . . . Wonderfully buoyant.”

And the Miami Herald:

“Stiltsville becomes the metaphor for a happiness taken for granted and lost in an instant . . . Daniel renders Frances and her family so authentically, their dynamics and quirks come to feel utterly familiar and endearing. Deceptively placid Stiltsville reminds us, like Frances, to appreciate the small but potent magic in everyday life.”

Now you have the chance to find out what happened to Frances and Dennis. Order your copy today! And be sure to also check out this great essay by Susanna over at Slate, which chronicles the writing of her novel, over 10 years. Sure to give heart to any writer struggling to finish that elusive first book.

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