Shout Outs From the Book Expo

According to my friend Angela, One Story was mentioned several times during the seminar, “The Leap to Debut: Transitioning from Short Form Periodicals to First Fiction,” at the Book Expo last Saturday (June 2, 2007). The seminar examined the changing role of major magazines and how they no longer publish much new fiction, opting to publish more established writers instead. One Story was mentioned as a great place to find debut fiction.

Although we have gotten some more established authors in this magazine and it would be great to publish some super-famous people (just so I can meet them), I’m proud of the fact that One Story has given young authors a chance.

When I first started reading for One Story, I found Patrick Somerville’s story, “Trouble and the Shadowy Deathblow,” (Issue #28) from the slush pile (yes it does actually happen!). When he headlined our reading at Piano’s, Patrick put his first collection of short stories, “Trouble,” in my hands and said that it never would have been published without One Story.

I would like to think that we’re introducing new stories into the world, as in: “Hey World, meet so-and-so. We think this story is great. We hope that you do too. Tell us what you think on our blog. Oh…and please be nice.”

One Story has never published the same author twice. A few months ago, Hannah and I were discussing if we ever would. I laughed, picturing us old and gray with our one thousandth issue coming up and saying, “Where in the world are we going to find our one thousandth author!”

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  1. For those of you who couldn’t make it to BEA, they podcasted some of the events. Go here to check it out. There’s a great one by Will Schwalbe, editor in chief at Hyperion, about email. Others will be put up in the following weeks, including a conversation I had with Adam Bellow about reviving the pamphlet.

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