Short Stories Flood Brooklyn Subways

This morning our literary volunteers flooded the brooklyn subway system with thousands of short stories. After getting shout-outs in the LA Times and Daily Candy, we were excited to see what would happen on the day of our One Story, One Borough campaign. Up at dawn, our volunteers went bleary-eyed to their assigned posts and geared up for the battle of the century. Would One Story or NY Metro win readers’ hearts today? 

One Story at Carroll St. Subway

The first station to pass out all of their short stories was the Carroll Street F line. Could Carroll Gardens be surpassing Park Slope as ground zero for the literati?

Clinton-Washington: The Hard Sell

 Meanwhile, at the Clinton-Washington C Train, our volunteers found that Fort Greene hipsters with skinny jeans and ipods would all walk by, but teens on their way to school and groups of women in full hijab were eager for a morning read…

OS Bandit/short story lover at Bedford L Train

 Next stop to run out of short stories was the Bedford L Train. Williamsburg, true to its artsy calling!

Borough Hall: Site of 2010 Brooklyn Book Festival

Court St.-Borough Hall was the next to sell out. We’re hoping to see most readers back there on Sunday during the Brooklyn Book Festival, when we host a reading of the three authors we featured today: James Hannaham, Reif Larsen and Caedra Scott-Flaherty. Noon on the North Stage!

One Story at Atlantic/Pacific Subway Stop

Meanwhile, over at Atlantic/Pacific, associate editor Marie-Helene Bertino discovered the sure way to get people to take a short story for their ride: approach with smile, and pigtails…

Even the cops love short stories at Jay Street

At Jay Street/Borough Hall we found cops, lawyers, bail bondsmen and people on their way to jury duty–all grateful for a short story to help them pass the time in court.

One Story takes the F Train

Over on 7th Avenue, Park Slope parents strolled by with their strollers and picked up stories for their ride on the F train.

Izzy the Dog loves short stories!

Next, we covered Grand Army Plaza, where the most adorable member of the One Story team (a rescue/shelter puppy named Izzy) gave out short stories and melted hearts.

Let’s not forget DUMBO! Home of the great bookstore Powerhouse (where One Story will be hosting a special event on Oct. 28th with OS authors Susanna Daniel, Bruce Machart & John Jodzio). Golda & Chris were a great team and made sure that all those folks at York Street had a short story to read for their morning commute.

Morgan St. shows the love

Morgan Street (voted the most romantic subway stop in NYC) showed their love for the short story too.

Last to go, first to party: Eastern Parkway

And last (but not least) was Eastern Parkway. Riders were still a bit hung over from the West Indian Parade, but happy to be reading fiction on the subway today.

One Story wins!!

And so now, the battle over, our weary literary volunteers returned home, having struck a blow for the short story,  and declaring a decisive victory for literature over crappy morning newspapers. Thanks to everyone who took part in our first One Story, One Borough campaign. We hope to see you all on Sunday at the Brooklyn Book Festival!

3 thoughts on “Short Stories Flood Brooklyn Subways

  1. Hey, some of us are early-birdy worm-getters, you know, and weren’t all that bleary-eyed. Maybe that’s why our stop finished first: pep and zing!

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  3. if I still lived in brooklyn, I’d have been all over this. trying to do something similar in a land far away. you reminded me how much fun there is to be had in creating a reading public.

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