Petition to change the location of the cracks; Interfictions

If you’re like me, and think the characters and structure in most fiction act way too reasonably, toss a new collection of stories called “Interfictions” in your beach bag. Each story is a revelation on what narrative can do.

Consider the love story between a man and a lake, as told from the point of view of the lake, in Csilla’s Kleinheincz’s deftly observed “A Drop of Rasberry.”

Consider Leslie What’s “Post Hoc,” in which a woman mails herself to her ex-boyfriend. The boyfriend is not home, so the dutiful postman leaves a note and she ends up spending night after night in the post office, making new friends and eventually working there.

This collection is magic; one of the editors fittingly dedicates it to Kelly Link, fiction’s masterful prestidigitator. “Interfictions” is published by Interstitial Arts Foundation, who defines interstitial fiction as “work that falls in the interstices-between the cracks- of recognized commercial genres.” For those of us who prefer unconventional story telling, this is a breath of fresh air until the blessed day the cracks either get bigger or disappear.

For more information, check out Interstitial Arts dot org, or for a live rendering, attend the Interfictions reading Wednesday, June 20th at the eternally crowded KGB Bar, part of their Fantastic Fiction reading series.

One thought on “Petition to change the location of the cracks; Interfictions

  1. Is “interfictions” really the best name anyone can come up with for the “one-off” set of writers nowadays? Reading sounds cool though..

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