OS Author Jim Hanas to talk about The Future of the Book

Jim Hanas, (issue #8, “The Cryerer”) will be speaking in Brooklyn next Tuesday, on The Future of the Book. This talk is part of Adult Education, “a Brooklyn-based monthly lecture series devoted to making useless knowledge somewhat less useless.” A whole panel of presenters (names below) will be speaking on the topic, and here’s a bonus: the talk will double as a release party for Hanas’s e-book story collection, “Why They Cried”, forthcoming from ECW Press.

A release party? For an ebook? About crying and the future of the book? Now that’s probably something you don’t want to miss.

“The Future of the Book”
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 – 8 pm (doors at 7:30)
Union Hall in Park Slope
702 Union St. @ 5th Ave
$5 cover

The line-up will include:

Anderson explains — using examples from a basketball league populated
solely with people who knew the answer to “Who wrote ‘Great
Expectations’?” — the ways in which books and bookstores can continue
to be important in whatever future we imagine for the written word.

ANNA JANE GROSSMAN, “Lessons From the Retirement Home”
Grossman looks at what book lovers can learn from other now obsolete
communication technologies.

RACHAEL MORRISON, “Smelling Books”
Morrison presents a multi-sensory lecture on books, libraries, smell,
and nostalgia.

JIM HANAS, “The Future of My Book”
Hanas intends to to fulfull his end of the book publicity contract by
providing the audience with gossip about himself, gossip about others,
and gossip about zombies.

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