One Story Alumnae Newsletter

On this sunny, autumnal Wednesday afternoon, we’d like to give snaps to the following people who have acted on past or present staffs of One Story, who we have not voted off, and whose work can be read in the following illustrious periodicals.

Julie Innis, current reader, whose story “Big Angel” is featured on Frederick Barthelme’s deeply exciting new website Blip.

Bobby Sauro, graduate of our first Summer Workshop for Emerging Writers, whose story “Athena Barrabas” is featured on Burnt Bridge.

And, last but certainly not least, our reader Sara Batkie, whose story “Cleavage” was chosen by Thisbe Nissen to receive Gulf Coast’s 2010 Prize in Fiction. “Cleavage” is Sara’s first published story–which, if you know anything about baseball, adds up to a walk-off homerun. Way to swing for the fences, Sara.

Congratulations Julie, Bobby and Sara.  And snaps to Blip, Burnt Bridge and Gulf Coast, for continuing to publish great work by great people.

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