Robin Romm in the NYTBR!

Check out tomorrow’s New York Times Book Review for the fantastic review of One Story author Robin Romm’s collection of stories, The Mother Garden, which talks a lot about the story Robin published with One Story, “The Arrival”:

“Death may not be proud, but in The Mother Garden, Robin Romm’s whimsical and affecting debut collection, there’s nothing shy about it either. Here’s the first sentence of the first story: “My mother’s going to die.” The mom in question has cancer, like many of the mothers in this book, and Romm clearly knows the territory: in short order she describes the wheelchair and the oxygen tank, the bald scalp and the steroid bloating. But just when you’re thinking “Oxygen Network,” the story takes a sharp turn. The narrator, visiting her parents at their Oregon beach cabin, watches a young woman swim ashore, dressed in capri pants and a pink sweater. “What the hell?” the arrival snarls. “It would be nice of you to tell me what’s going on here.”

Go here to read the rest of the review.
Go here to check our Robin’s website.
And be sure to come out to Pianos on Friday, July 20th, when Robin reads from her collection for us. Books will be sold at the event, provided by Mobile Libris.

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