Support The Austin Batcave!

Headed by executive director Manuel Gonzales, OS author of issue #66, “Pilot, Co-Pilot, Writer“, The Austin Batcave runs workshops and tutoring for kids in Austin Public Schools. This entirely non-profit and underfunded project provides an indispensable opportunity for these young writers. In addition, it relies on a strong network of volunteers dedicated to giving these kids the support they deserve. The Batcave is totally free for the kids, their parents, and their teachers.

“We introduce students to writing and music and art; we help them understand that writing doesn’t have to be a chore, that it can be an opportunity for them to discover their voices, tell their stories; we teach them the fundamentals of writing through creative workshops they actually enjoy and want to attend again and again”

–Manuel Gonzales

Support this vital organization and young writers in Austin! Even a small donation will go a long way to keeping The Batcave growing.

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