Our Former Lives in Art by Jennifer S. Davis

Another One Story writer has a book out this month! Jennifer S. Davis, author of One Story issue # 51, “Rapture,” had just released her second short story collection: Our Former Lives in Art, which received this starred review in Booklist:

“These nine heartfelt stories are set within the lives–yes, lives do indeed function as settings here–of ordinary people in the Deep South, a location that serves as the larger context in which the characters live and breathe. In sharing her ironic, sometimes sarcastic, but always deeply human vision of the quirks of human behavior, Davis shares with other southern female short-story writers, such as Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty, a sense of relish of the absurdity running through the human condition. “Detritus” perfectly showcases Davis’ take on life. She dexterously assumes the voice of a teenage boy narrating a time when, just after his father left the family for good, his mother got religion and saved the life and soul of a brain-damaged girl left in her care. “Pilgrimage in Georgia,” more serious but no less cut-to-the-quick in capturing human frailty, is a beautiful articulation of the theme of accepting life as just an arrangement of ordinary things, not all things in life being “art” and thus rarefied and elusive. And “Giving Up the Ghost” is even more serious, about an accident that becomes a catalyst for reconciling the male protagonist’s sense of self and what he wants in life and marriage.”
–Brad Hooper, Booklist

Our Former Lives in Art inclues “Rapture.” And it is being released today!

Go out and buy a copy.
Visit Jennifer’s website.
Appreciate toilet paper covers!

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