Kiara Brinkman’s Up High in the Trees

You don’t know Kiara Brinkman yet, but you will soon. Her story, “Can You Hear Me Thinking” is the next issue of One Story, #91, and today her first novel is being released by Grove, Up High in the Trees. This astonishing look at Asperger’s syndrome–through the eyes of an eight year old boy–has just been chosen as a Booksense pick for the month of August, and has been getting lots of praise:

“This is a very moving and perfectly convincing portrait of the inner life of an unusual boy, Sebby, cast into the deep black waters of a mother’s death. As his family thrashes and drowns and treads water around him, he has to choose if and how to survive. Brinkman’s portrait of Sebby and his family is humane and uncomprimising, never maudlin, and, in the end, we root for Sebby as if he were our own.”
Dave Eggers

Come see Kiara read tomorrow night, July 18th, at Barnes & Noble Astor Place in NYC at 7 pm.
Check out her cool website.
Buy the book.
Learn more about Asperger’s Syndrome.

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