Robin Romm at Piano’s: Lots of Media

Thank you to Mobile Libris, Pianos NYC, the New York Observer, One Story’s ring of dedicated and talented volunteers, and to EVERYONE who came to this very packed event.

In addition to upcoming photos by the Observer, One Story managed to snag a few of Robin Romm in action. So download the podcast from our audio archive, and scroll down here for the full One Story Reading effect.

Robin takes the mic.

Several in the crowd appeared very into Robin’s tale of love, loss, and most importantly–found.

Robin Romm and editor Hannah Tinti, flanked by One Story authors Emily Benz and Kiara Brinkman

Owen King, Hannah Tinti and Scott Snyder


One Story’s reading series will recommence in September with Dalia Sofer, winner of the 2007 Sirenland Fellowship to Positano Italy.

One thought on “Robin Romm at Piano’s: Lots of Media

  1. wow, owen king sure looks like STEVEN king. what would be the odds that a father AND son would BOTH have so much talent as to be published authors.

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