Issue #94: Uncle Musto Takes a Mistress

“The man is the head of the family, but the woman is the neck, and she can make the head turn in whatever direction she chooses.” My sister told me this quote recently–she said it was from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I don’t normally take advice from the movies, but these words came back to me when I re-read Mohan Sikka’s “Uncle Musto Takes a Mistress.” The men make the decisions here. But it is the women who drive the emotional truth of the narrative. Aunty Neeta brings an interesting new take on the cuckolded wife, but the true horns that are locked are those of Grandma and Rose. In one corner is Grandma, an unbeatable character. In the other is Rose, with her little mermaid hairpins. Their social standing is unequal, and by the end they’ve changed places. And yet somehow, Mohan Sikka is able to keep our hearts with both. Check out the Q&A to find out more about this talented new writer.

2 thoughts on “Issue #94: Uncle Musto Takes a Mistress

  1. Part of what makes it such an engaging read is the way the narrator navigates the space between these opposing camps – only the narrator, for lots of interesting reasons, is privy to the perspectives of characters divided by gender and class and age. In the process, all these opposing viewpoints become comprehensible, and human, and charmingly meaningless.

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