Introducing One Story’s 2011 Literary Dubutantes!

At our upcoming Literary Debutante Ball, One Story will be celebrating five of our authors who have published their first books in the past year: Robin Black (If I Loved You I Would Tell You This), Susanna Daniel (Stiltsville), Seth Fried (The Great Frustration), Jerry Gabriel (Drowned Boy) and Jim Hanas (Why They Cried). Each of these writers will be officially “announced” at our Literary Debutante Ball and escorted by a more established author and/or editor who has been a mentor to them. We hope that you will come and raise a glass on April 29th and meet our extraordinary literary debutantes!

2 thoughts on “Introducing One Story’s 2011 Literary Dubutantes!

  1. Thanks! I enjoyed this. I am also waffling about ebooks on the verge of taking the plunge after publishing four books in Malaysia/Singapore, with a collection being translated into French.

    This is pushing me in the right direction. Yeah, having that one defining moment, that phone call, would be great, but having your book out that’s being reviewed and blogged about and earning money sounds pretty good, too. A huge step in the right direction for you! Maybe your next book you’ll get that phone call and it’ll be even better than you imagined. All the best and good luck!
    Borneo Expat Writer

  2. So I read Stiltsville and loved it tremendously. I bought If I Loved You… and have begun reading it as well. I bought Drowned Boy but haven’t started it yet. I try my best to always buy the books of the One Story authors. I’ll have to try to find the other two books here as well. I strongly believe in supporting these authors. One Story is one of the highlights of life. It and Zoetrope: All Story are the only two literary magazines that I have the entire run of. Hats off to these authors for getting these books published.

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