Release party for “Bar Joke, Arizona”

Some very lucky folks in Philadelphia got to celebrate the release of One Story issue #97, “Bar Joke, Arizona” with the author Sam Allingham.

Sam sent a few pictures, and this dispatch from the bar:

Even for a dive bar, Fiume is small; probably around half the size of your living room.  So the place was fairly crowded for our “Bar Joke, Arizona” publication party last Friday.  I especially enjoyed it, since Fiume is my neighborhood bar, and it was nice to share some of my writing with the regulars.  While no drink specials were offered, Fiume’s three dollar shot-and-a-beer special was plenty special enough.  Living in West Philadelphia has many perks.  As an added treat, a couple of subscribers showed up, including One Story author Rachel Cantor (Issue 18, “Picnic After the Flood”), whose experience and talent made me feel incredibly young.  The pictures from the night are all fairly grainy – this is a low-light sort of place we’re talking about – but I thought you might like to see some of Fiume’s famous signage.


The Bar is not Responsible

The Author makes a joke

 Thanks to all of the subscribers who stopped by. Let us know what you thought of “Bar Joke, Arizona”!

2 thoughts on “Release party for “Bar Joke, Arizona”

  1. Hello, Sam! You’re funny! Thanks for sharing the joy and your neighborhood bar, which you forgot to mention accepts delivery of Ethiopian food. It was good meeting you!

  2. PS, Sam, come to Milk Boy in Ardmore at 7:30 tonight–August Tarrier and I will be reading and talking about the use and abuse of research in fiction. Bring your friends!

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