One thought on “And the winner is…

  1. In regard to Tree of Smoke, I want to commend the choice of this challenging novel over a collection of stories. I am a recent subscriber to One Story, and I believe in the power and importance of short stories. But in some ways the short story is too well suited to today’s busy reader who wants something immediate, something digestible and diverting, something that can be caught on the run. A great short story is poorly served by an attitude of quickness. A great short story deserves re-reading.
    As compared with a reader’s relationship with a short story, I believe there is something of a different magnitude that can occur between a reader and a heavy novel like Tree of Smoke.
    I just hope that the aficionados of One Story won’t shy away from the difficulty of Tree of Smoke. I will make a recommendation: just read it. Read it onward, slowly but surely, until you’re finished and then decide. It’s a book that haunts me, that I know I’ll re-read sooner or later because re-reading is what it deserves.

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