Jim Shepard reads for One Story

 Jim Shepard & Lillian Nave Goudas, President of the Lenoir Book Club (thanks for the photo, Lillian!)Pianos was packed on Friday, January 4th when National Book Award-finalist Jim Shepard took the stage to read from his latest story collection, Like You’d Understand, Anyway. Jim read an excerpt of “Pleasure Boating at Lituya Bay,” and you can listen to it here. I love Jim Shepard’s stories because they make me laugh out loud and then, when I least expect it, they take a nose dive into emotional truth and make my heart explode.

3 thoughts on “Jim Shepard reads for One Story

  1. There are very few writers who I would travel from Philadelphia to see. Jim Shepard, it appears, is one of them. It was a real pleasure to hear the way he reads his work. I’ve been reading his sentences out loud to people for as long as I’ve known him – how could you not? – but I don’t think I really got the feel of them until I understood the full force of the Shepard deadpan. Here’s to great short story writers getting their due!

  2. Jim Shepard is a wonderful writer! Wish I could have made it to the reading on Friday – I’m sure he was amazing!

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