Caitlin Horrocks’s This is Not Your City

Congratulations are in order for Caitlin Horrocks, (issue #144, “Life Among the Terranauts”) whose impressive debut collection, This is Not Your City, was recently brought into this world, to stellar reviews.

The collection contains eleven stories that have been described as darkly comic, unflinching, and emotionally mesmerizing. In other words, everything you already know about what Horrocks is capable of if you’ve read “Terranauts.” The book is teeming with similarly brave, unique choices: everything from a Russian mail-order bride in Finland to a cruise ship held hostage by pirates to a woman confronting reincarnations from her 127 lives.

Once I’d read a few of Caitlin’s stories I was hooked. She is not only smart and funny but also wise in a way that’s rare among young writers. To read her is to learn about storytelling and its elasticity. Go here for more information or to buy the book.

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