Issue #151: Water Party

For our next issue, “Water Party” by Kristi Reilly, we travel to Ethiopia, where a diverse group of foreigners—aid workers, diplomats, military personnel and biologists—form their own sub-culture. Within that small community, the same human questions arise: how do we connect to one another, and what do we do when those connections are broken?  The central love story in “Water Party” is underscored and reflected by two outside forces—one is a water drought, and the other is the complicated social pattern of gelada monkeys. You can find out more about these amazing monkeys and how Kristi wrote “Water Party” by reading her Q&A with us. I first read this story about a year ago, and what caught me then still catches me now—the charged final moment, when Quinn follows Tess through the dark.  It captures the inner complexity of longing and mystery of two people drawn together, as well as the animal restlessness that can just as easily pull them apart.

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