A Sad Farewell to Tanya Rey

It’s feeling very much like the end of summer camp around here. Yesterday we said goodbye to our incredible interns (see their post below). Today, our task is much harder, saying farewell to Tanya Rey, who has been our Managing Editor for over three years. I told the staff yesterday that I am lousy at good-byes. I do not much like them, and prefer to behave as if every good-bye is more of a see-you-later so I’ll keep this short.

Tanya was One Story’s first full-time employee. She helped One Story professionalize and grow up. She’s become a phenomenal story editor, grant writer, PR Machine, party planner, gift buyer, and most importantly a wonderful friend to all of us at One Story. Her commitment to the magazine has been amazing, and her hard work is hugely appreciated. We will all miss her.

Tanya’s moving on to work on her novel full-time. She’s taking one of those writerly leaps of faith. We expect that she will not just leap but soar.

4 thoughts on “A Sad Farewell to Tanya Rey

  1. Farewell Tanya! Thank you for taking such a sincere and serious look at my work. I wish you all the best on your novel.

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