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As we’ve written about here before, One Story just wrapped up its second Workshop for Writers, during which we hosted twenty emerging writers for a conference that included six days of intensive workshops, craft lectures and industry panels. We’re proud to report that students truly valued their experience with us:

“The workshop was the first time I’ve felt that what I do is important. For a solitary writer, the experience of meeting, connecting with, and learning from others in the field is priceless. I’m inspired.” —Adam Sturtevant, 2011 Workshop Participant

Having this talented group of students in our offices at the Old American Can Factory reminded us how important our mission is for the next generation of writers, not just as a venue for publishing their work, but as mentors, community builders, and now, as educators.

Donations from friends like you make up over 20% of One Story’s annual budget. These funds allow us to focus our attention on writers rather than on our bottom line. The support is greatly appreciated, and in the summer months, greatly needed. We have a very lean operating budget, and summer always finds us—like many nonprofits—a little low on funds.

Any amount you can give today will help us make it through to the fall.

As a thanks for your generosity, if you donate $25 or more before September 1, 2011 we’ll send you an award-winning* back issue of One Story.

Please join us in publishing One Story.

*Your story will be selected from one that that was named best of the year by The Best American Short Stories, The Pushcart Prize, or The O. Henry Prize Stories. We’ll make sure you haven’t received it as part of your subscription and get it in the mail right away.

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