Amelia Kahaney reads for One Story

March 7th was another rainy night in New York City, which made those of us who work for One Story wonder why it always rains during our readings. Is there something about rain and short fiction that go together? Feel free to share your thoughts. Luckily, the wet weather couldn’t put out Amelia Kahaney’s fire. A large crowd gathered at Pianos to see Amelia read from One Story issue 98, “Fire Season.” The story is stunning (the Luna Park Review is “in awe of” Kahaney’s fiction debut) and most of the audience realized that. There was one disrepectful patron who chose to talk on his cell phone for much of the reading. And because the rude dude was sitting right next to the mike, his chatter was distracting. But Amelia was poised and kept reading beautifully. Click on our audio archive to hear the story.

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