Notes from the trenches: One Story and Web 2.0!

I think I should introduce myself first. My name is Chris Gregory. I’m a NJ native, an undergraduate student at Connecticut College, and I’m proud to say that I’ll be an intern at One Story this summer.

This has been something I’ve wanted to do since I saw Hannah read at the Daniel Klagbrun Symposium on Writing and Moral Vision (a mouthful, I know) up at Conn two years ago. I’m a really big fan of the publication, and my first week at work has only reinforced my appreciation for the terrific job that they do here.

That said, I’d like to boast about how glamorous it is to work at this hot, up and coming magazine, and then post a picture of the hot tub that we have in the middle of the office…. but I actually spent my first week counting every back issue of One Story that we have in stock, and we have quite a few. I’m also reading submissions, which is a really interesting process. Trying to differentiate great writing, from merely good writing can be really challenging. Luckily, I have past issues of One Story to use as a barometer. Not that I’m literally comparing stories, rather, I use One Story to get a feel for what greatness looks like on the page.

I’m sure you’re sick of reading about me by now. And I think I should get to the real reason for my post: One Story is on Facebook! Right now we have a nice little description of our operation and Elliot has posted our upcoming events! Exciting! We hope put up some other cool stuff like pictures, audio clips, and maybe even some videos! I can tell you’re quivering with anticipation, so I’d suggest that you immediately click on that link I posted, fan us, and show everyone how awesome you are! If you’re don’t have a Facebook account, then I’d suggest that you get in on the social networking sensation that is sweeping the world, if anything just to show everyone how hip you are by being a fan of the coolest magazine around. Rest assured that you can find plenty of cool people to friend amongst the ranks of our fans!

So, until next time, take some time to read a short story! I re-read “A Little Cloud” before writing this… That James Joyce was pretty good.

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