Notes From the Trenches: You Know You Love Top 10 Lists

Entertainment Weekly asked Elizabeth Gilbert to come up with a list of THE 10 NEW CLASSIC SHORT STORIES There’s no real quote to go with it, but it’s an interesting list. I don’t agree with aspects of the it, but people rarely do agree with this type of thing. Anyway, it gives you something to think about. There is also a list of New Classic Books, which is linked to the top ten list… The Road by Cormac McCarthy and, I think, the fourth or fifth Harry Potter book hold the top two spots… this is why I’m writing about the top 10 list instead of the new classics list.

3 thoughts on “Notes From the Trenches: You Know You Love Top 10 Lists

  1. Looks like she listed all the biggies. Happy to see Bullet in the Brain. I think Carver has stories that are better than Cathedral. Would have loved to have seen Amy Hempel on there somewhere and Aimee Bender (“Loser?”). And, where is King of Kings Sherman Alexie? “What you Pawn I will Redeem” is a perfect story. But, yes. These lists are just fun to look at and think about.

  2. difficult to pinpoint a top ten new classics short story list.

    in regards to collections, i think i’d choose:

    “dead fish museum” by charles d’ambrosio
    “language of elk” by benjamin percy
    “corpus christi” by bret anthony johnston
    “black tickets” by jayne anne phillips
    “airships” by barry hannah
    “how to breathe underwater” by julie orringer
    “cathedral” by raymond carver
    “jesus’ son” by denis johnson
    “reasons to live” by amy hempel
    “hateship, friendship, courtship, loveship, marriage” by alice munro

    pick one story from any of those and you’d compile my top ten list. also, i omitted any “best of” or “collected stories of” because that’s cheating. i could read nothing but these ten books for the rest of my life and be content.

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