Notes From the Trenches: It’s Not That Difficult, Your Honor!

From Publisher’s Weekly:

“In a hearing held Monday in Portland, Ore. U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mosman denied a request from the American Booksellers For Free Expression to issue a preliminary injunction to block enforcement of Oregon’s “harmful to minors” law until a trial can be held to judge the constitutionality of the statute. ABFFE’s Chris Finan said that while the organization was disappointed with the decision, it was glad that the judge set an early trial date–October 3–for the case to begin. Under the law, any retailer selling “sexually explicit” works to children under 13 faces up to one year in jail.”

Obviously, this idiot didn’t make it though the constitution. I know that the Bill of Rights is all the way at the end, but, I mean, you only have to read the first bullet point.

I’m a little confused about how this works. Are libraries now liable if they don’t cordon their Fiction section off with a bead curtain? Are there going to be culture dealers on corners pushing Tobias Wolff and Charles Bukowski to school children?

Nowadays, it is such a rare thing to see kids reading that you’d hardly want to limit their selection. In my younger, more vulnerable years, my parents always took a very active role in what I was reading. My father, especially, was never at a loss for a book recommendation. Needless to say, I think I would be best to let the children’s parents police what they want their kids to read.

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