One thought on “Margo Rabb on YA in the NYTBR

  1. The euphemism “have their way with” used in relationship to publishing a novel was certainly evocative. It is too bad we are not more adult in our enjoyment of all literature, so that we do not have to subject our writing to such illicit behavior.

    I recently read The Book Thief by Zusak. It is apparently listed as YA literature. It features a young girl and boy going through late childhood-early puberty during some of the worst years of WWII in Germany.

    Intriguingly, the POV is Death. Not a point of view I would have thought would immediately speak to youth. But it spoke to this 67 year old who was married to a German child of the 1940s. I am glad someone recommended it to me. I would not have found it myself. Nowadays I do look at the YA literature to see if there is something in it for me.

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