Issue #169: Something Like Sanctified

I’ve been a fan of Susan Straight’s work since I read her wonderful novel¬† I Been in Sorrow’s Kitchen and Licked Out All the Pots, which I remember taking down from a shelf in a bookstore simply because of its extraordinary title, and then falling deeply into the story itself. A similar thing happened to me with “Something Like Sanctified,” our new issue of One Story. When I first picked up the pages I immediately recognized the title as a line from Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” and was intrigued. But as soon as I began reading I was caught up instead by the voice of Marie-Claire and her dramatically heart-wrenching story. Set in California and Louisiana, this tale involves characters from Susan Straight’s Rio Seco triology, which she has been working on for thirty years. The story is also a part of Susan’s new novel,¬†Between Heaven and Here, which has just been released from McSweeney’s Books. It’s an honor to have her work in our pages, and I hope you’ll check out Susan’s Q&A with us, where she explains the inspiration behind this gripping story, and shares some great writing advice she received from James Baldwin. So read “Something Like Sanctified,” buy Between Heaven and Here, and then click below to hear Marvin Gaye perform his famously sexy and inspiring “Let’s Get It On.”

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  1. I am a subscriber to One Story. Something Like Sanctified is my favorite story of all that I have received. I am a Southern women and a writer but only for my local paper where I have a weekly column. Which has no bearing on any of this but again the language spoke to me and i understood it which I think would be hard for a lot of people. Perhaps why there are no comments. I can’t express how wonderful I thought this story was and is. Again the language is so unique and I thought the graveyard love definition was right on! Most Southern women would have been touched by this type of love in their family history. I am gong online and purchasing Ms. Straight’s books because of her use of words and the rarity of this special language I must have them as they are as rare as “hen’s teeth.”

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