In Case You Forgot That The Onion Was Awesome

This may very well be my last post for the summer, as I have to return to school soon. That said, I’d like to thank all of you for reading the blog and I’d like to thank Hannah and Maribeth for giving me this great opportunity.

Over the course of my summer here at One Story, I’ve done a lot of slush reading. That in mind I found, probably, the best take of the submitter-reader relationship ever in The Onion Today. Poor Mike Mussina… He does the crossword puzzle every day you know. He is very tenacious, though, as he “told” the Onion:

“My next submission I think has a really good shot of getting in—’Works Of Ernest Hemingway If Hemingway Were A Robot,'” Mussina added. “You got your obvious ones like ‘The Amperage Also Rises,’ and ‘A Farewell To Cybernetic Arms.’ Then Joba [Chamberlain], in the bullpen the other day jokingly suggested ‘The Old Robot And The Sea,’ which at first I thought was stupid. But the more I thought about it, it actually might be pretty funny to just sort of point out the inherent absurdity of the original premise. Joba’s a funnier guy than he thinks.”

I guess Joba can go work on his stand-up routine while he rehabs from his shoulder injury. *Chris locks himself in the bathroom and cries over a lost season* Anyway, thanks again for reading and enjoy your stories!!!!

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