Irina Reyn’s What Happened to Anna K

At One Story, we like to toot our author’s horns. This week, we’re tooting for One Story author Irina Reyn, whose first novel, What Happened to Anna K was released today! In this re-telling of Tolstoy’s classic tragedy, Anna Karenina, Irina Reyn changes the setting to modern day New York City, within a community of Russian-Jewish immigrants. What Happened to Anna K is an Indie Next pick, and also an Amazon ‘Best of the Month’ pick. It’s been receiving amazing reviews, including this one from Publisher’s Weekly:

“Set among early 21st-century Russian Jewish immigrants in New York City, Reyn’s debut beautifully adapts Anna Karenina’s social melodrama for a decidedly different set of Russians. . . [her] sparkling insight into the Russian and Bukharan Jewish communities, and the mesmerizing intensity of her prose, make this debut a worthy remake.”

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One thought on “Irina Reyn’s What Happened to Anna K

  1. we know what happened to anna- she jumped under a train-

    actually after reading a lot of tolstoy i SOOO understand why there was a russian revolution of 1917 and the overthrow of those in power. (and agree with it)

    they just went to party and party after party- paying no mind to the people slaving away under them to make their lives easier. and tolstoy doesn’t seem too trouble about it – though in anna- he does have one character who was a communist.

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