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One-Story-Deb-Ball-201327Many people have been emailing us about the Word Sale that we hosted at our Debutante Ball last Thursday. For those of you who couldn’t join us, you are in LUCK: we still have some words left for sale. A slideshow is embedded below, along with a list of words, prices & their respective authors. Each Word was generously donated, and comes ready to be framed, with a special card that includes a definition and a SECRET SENTENCE written by the author. If you’re interested in purchasing a word to support One Story, please contact Adina Talve-Goodman at: Adina@one-story.com. Thank you! And remember: One Story is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit, and your word will be fully-tax-deductible. Your donation will also help us in our mission: to celebrate the art form of the short story and support the writers who write them.

One Story Word Sale
(click here to see slideshow of words for sale)

$250 Tax-Deductible Donation: GOLD FRAMES
Words donated by contemporary authors to support One Story.
1. The word of your choice. (First come, first served.)
2. A card with a definition & sentence written by the author.
Available Words:
Actually: Etgar Keret
Admire: Colum McCann (sold!)
Animal: Karen Shepard
Arpeggiate: Marie-Helene Bertino
Born: L.Annette Binder
Bumblebee: Ann Patchett (sold!)
Ectoplasmic: John Wray
Equanimous: Dani Shapiro
Fizz: Darin Strauss
Flock: Emma Straub
Happy: Dan Chaon
Iris: Elizabeth McCracken (sold!)
Irony: Meg Wolitzer
Lacquer: Sloane Crosley
Lieu: Said Sayrafiezadeh
Luminous: Myla Goldberg
Minion: Julie Innis
Paraclausithyron: Seth Fried (sold!)
Ragnarok: John Hodgman (sold!)
Rumpled: Ethan Canin
Together: Charles Bock
Zephyr: Karen Russell (sold!)

$100 Tax-Deductible Donation: BLACK FRAMES
Words borrowed from classic authors to support One Story.
1. The word of your choice. First come, first served.
2. A card with a definition & sentence written by the author.
Available Words:
Books: Louisa May Alcott (sold!)
Evanescent: Nathaniel Hawthorne (sold!)
Faith: George Sand  (sold!)
Fiction: Willa Cather (sold!)
Frigate: Emily Dickinson (sold!)
Happiness: Jane Austen (sold!)
Library: Henry James
Love: Leo Tolstoy
Mirrors: Virginia Woolf (sold!)
Monster: Mary Shelley
Revenge: Dorothy Parker
Shield: Manuel de Cervantes
Sky: Marcel Proust
Strong: Sojourner Truth
Sultry: Sylvia Plath (sold!)
Tahiti: Herman Melville
Traveler: Italo Calvino (sold!)
Vision: Edith Wharton (sold!)

1 thought on “Word Sale!

  1. would like to purchase two words as gifts…please advise best method for doing this. if i can pay using a credit card, i could phone in. if payment is by check only…please respond and let me know, including best phone # or mailing address. would like you to hold – ACTUALLY and IRONY for me.
    thanks, susan beckerman


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