Get your flabby sentences in shape with our Writing Boot Camp

bootcampWant to write a great short story by the end of this month? The editors at One Teen Story, our sister publication, have created a week-long, online Boot Camp to help you do just that.

Our Writing Boot Camp will kick off on September 22nd. The best part? Registration for the class is just $25!

Register now (link to boot camp page) and on September 22, you will receive a list of ingredients to include in your story. You’ll also get a list of inspiring rules to follow and some helpful dos and don’ts created by our editors. Each day after that you’ll receive an email giving you tips on one area of craft.

Monday: Storytelling
Tuesday: Character
Wednesday: Dialogue
Thursday: Going Deeper
Friday: Beginnings and Endings: Revision Tricks

On Sunday, September 30, we’ll open up our submission manager for just 2 days to allow participants to submit their work to our Boot Camp Results feature on our blog. We’ll post 3 full stories and include great sentences we find in others. It’s the perfect way to get a first draft down.

We’re so excited about this Boot Camp that we’ll be doing the exercise along with you. We’ll be posting our progress on our blog, and our editors will check in daily to answer questions.

Ready to write? Register today!

P.S. All kinds of writers are welcome! Our One Teen Story editors have created this boot camp, but the writing tips and exercises are applicable to all types of short stories.

2 thoughts on “Get your flabby sentences in shape with our Writing Boot Camp

  1. I’ve signed up my entire creative writing clas for fall term. That’s 20 folks this term — and myself! So 21 in total from Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny Campus– and we can’t wait for our first mailing.I’ve been checking my e-mail all day in anticipation of your first mailing. I know your deadline is 10 p.m. EST, but couldn’t some of us get the mailing now if we’ve already registered. I’ve graded all of my papers for Monday’s classes, so the rest of Sunday night (what little there is left of it) is mine. Would love to get a head start on this project. I hope everything works smoothly. I had the students triple-check their e-mails. Wasn’t sure how you were going to have the students use their passwords. Hope there are no technical glitches. I’ve just invested a nice chunk of change in this endeavor, and I want it to work out (on the technical side) perfectly. As far as the writing goes, this idea seems fantastic for you as a fundraiser and for us as a draft builder and writing booster. We’re looking forward to the experience.

  2. Hi Rose,

    Thanks so much for having your class subscribe. Registration is open for about 1 more hour and then the first packet will be going out. Sorry if we didn’t post the start time, but you’ll have a full week (and a full next weekend) to get working.

    Thanks for your support on this and on One Story. And thanks for your patience!

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