Patrick Somerville’s The Cradle

Congratulations to One Story author Patrick Somerville (issue # 28, “Trouble and the Shadowy Deathblow”) for the rave review by Janet Maslin in yesterday’s New York Times for his new novel, The Cradle.

The Cradle weaves together two tightly drawn tales of family history. One story moves forward, as an expectant father goes on a journey across America on a quest for a stolen cradle. The other travels backward, while a middle-aged woman reminisces about her long-lost son. Slowly, these two narratives begin cross, until they are interlocked like fingers—two hands reaching for each other until, there it is—the connection.

As Maslin says in her review: “It would be better to recommend The Cradle, a deeply gratifying modern fable, than to reveal too much about its plot. Leave it at this: Matt does find the cradle eventually, but he makes other discoveries that count for much more. In the course of his wanderings, Matt comes to grip with a malaise that has been with him since childhood. As a result, he is more profoundly ready for fatherhood than he would have been without this voyage of self-discovery. And all of this sleight of hand is executed with the light, graceful touch that makes Mr. Somerville, also the author of a short-story collection (Trouble), someone to watch.”

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