Gratitude is the best form of procrastination

It’s unusually chilly in Brooklyn and I’m in the office alone taking care of some of the business of running One Story. I can be a procrastinator, so today I am procrastinating with gratitude.

Twelve years ago Hannah Tinti and I decided to give this one-story-at-a-time thing a go. It was a leap of faith that’s turned into an incredible partnership and an amazing community.

I’m feeling grateful right now for Hannah, for our supporters, our readers, and the writers who have trusted us with their submissions and their work. I’m grateful for our incredible team who keep this project moving forward. It has not always been easy – doing what you love rarely is – but it has always been an adventure.

Issue 184 is headed off to the printer soon. It’s a true science fiction piece by Amy Brill, a first for us. After 12 years it’s good to know that there is always something new to be done, and that there is still hope and joy to be found in publishing the written word.

Thank you all.

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