Issue #117: Meteorology

March is a hard month, especially for those of us living on the East Coast. One day the temperature will go up to the 60s, a glimpse of our longed-for spring. And then the next it will drop below freezing, or we’ll get hit with one last blizzard, just when we thought we were through with shoveling snow. The past two weeks in New York have given us both kinds of weather, making Adin Bookbinder’s “Meteorology” the perfect story to snuggle down with under a blanket, or take outside for that first outdoor reading of the year. Our intern Chris Gregory pulled this piece from our slush pile last year, and as we passed it from reader to reader, everyone could relate to the madness that the meteorologist in the story, Finn, falls prey to as the weather around him becomes more and more unpredictable. But what stood out to me from the start is how Adin Bookbinder enhanced this premise and this story by giving it a great, big heart. “Meteorology” is a story about mental illness, but it also about fathers and daughters–beautiful, funny and heartbreaking. If you’d like a prediction of what happens to these wonderful characters, visit Adin’s Q&A with us.

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  1. I’m a new subscriber to One Story, with a few months into my subscription. Meteorology is my favorite story yet! From the very first line where her father is on the rooftop in the middle of a storm, to her interactions with him, her social worker, fellow librarians and the boy-student, to her choice of words and imagery, to the larger theme of individual versus family responsibilities, her decisions and her character development, the story gripped me from beginning to end. Adin Bookbinder is a natural storyteller. I look forward to reading more of her works.

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