Why Membership? Why Now?

We started One Story as a lark, really, and now our lark has grown to have a sister publication for Teens, an education department, and a community (you) that continues to surprise us with its commitment, good humor, and dedication to what we do.

Last week we launched a new membership program. We did this as a way to strengthen our community and as a way to recognize how all of the parts of our organization are intertwined. We did not set out to create a growing nonprofit, but we have, and we feel terribly committed to ensuring it succeeds in the world.

Our members will help us do that. They’ll also get subscriptions to our magazines, discounts to our educational programs, and a chance to join us for members only events. They’ll also help us as we shape our future. We hope that our members will act as our sounding board and our literary boots on the ground, and will help us ensure that One Story continues to drive forward, and not ride into the sunset.

We feel both lucky and proud of the broad base of support we have found. Unlike most literary magazines of our size, we have no one large funder or organization supporting us. We are supported by our readers, by grants from organizations and corporations, by one time donations, and now, we hope, by members.

If you can, please become a member today. Your support will help us focus on the work we do, and not solely on the bottom line.



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