Peter Rock’s My Abandonment

Congratulations to One Story author Peter Rock (Issue # 56, “Lights”) are in order. His 6th novel, My Abandonment, is being released today by Houghton Mifflin. Here’s what James Ellory said about it:

“MY ABANDONMENT is an electrically charged, bone-deep, and tender tale of loss and partial redemption. Surreal, haunting, elegiac.”

And even cooler, here’s some more praise, from Ursula K. Le Guinn:

“This beautiful, strange novel takes us into the foreign country where
those called homeleess are at home, the city is wilderness, and the
greater wilderness lies beyond. Fascinating and moving, it tells with
great tenderness how human love goes wrong.”

Have you ever read Pete Rock before? If not, this is the book to start with.

Visit Pete’s website!
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OR click here to watch Pete hiking in the woods and let him tell you about why you should read this book, himself.

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