Tania James’s Atlas of Unknowns

taniajamesCongratulations to One Story author Tania James (issue # 88, “Aerogrammes”), whose first novel, The Atlas of Unknowns, was released today. Buzz has been great, including this review from the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Once in a while, a novel comes along that makes you wonder why people don’t read more fiction – why, given the right book, anyone would choose to do anything else. Atlas of Unknowns, the dazzling, original and deeply absorbing debut by Tania James, is this rare book…Atlas of Unknowns is one of the most exciting debut novels since Zadie Smith’s White Teeth. Both books share a 19th century largesse, sprawling into different points of view while remaining tightly plotted, with characters recognizable from real life but new to the printed page. Tania James is a fresh voice to keep listening to, who will surely deliver again on the enormous promise of this first novel.”

Go here to find out where Tania will be touring.
Go here to read an excerpt from the book.
Or click below to see the beautiful trailer for the book!

Atlas of Unknowns – Tania James – Final Spot from Khushi Films on Vimeo.

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