Issue #213: The Savior of Gladstone County by J.F. Glubka

cover_213Our next issue, “The Savior of Gladstone County” introduces an exciting new voice, J.F. Glubka. Contributing Editor Will Allison brought this marvelous piece to our pages, and so I’m turning the introduction reins over to him. I hope you all enjoy this story as much as I did. -HT

is the question faced by Henry Heinrich, the protagonist of J.F. Glubka’s “The Savior of Gladstone County” (issue #213).

When Henry discovers his gift, he doesn’t try to get rich. Or seek fame. Or resolve to save the world. In fact, he doesn’t do much of anything until a friend coaxes him into serving as an “angel” for the people of their rural community.

For Henry, though, being an angel isn’t all wings and halos. “By thirty-five his hair was white,” writes Glubka, “and he’d stopped hunting and fishing. He drank more and ate less. He’d stare at the TV with the sound turned down to a hush and the lights dimmed. Too much stimulation gave him headaches. He’d let the sweetheart he’d married at nineteen divorce him with hardly a protest.” Cheating death has drained the life out of Henry.

That all changes when he meets Francis Friday, an eccentric, young divorcee and the sister of a girl Henry once saved. Henry falls in love, and Francis falls for Henry too. The problem is, Francis is also in love with Henry’s gift. And as she begins to test the limits of his power, she sets in motion a chain of events that threatens to destroy more than just their relationship.

I hope you find “The Savior of Gladstone County” as riveting as we did. And be sure to check out our Q&A with J.F. Glubka to learn about his approach to supernatural subject matter, the best writing advice he has received, and how this story was influenced by his stint as a nighttime security guard in Portland, Oregon.

4 thoughts on “Issue #213: The Savior of Gladstone County by J.F. Glubka

  1. Please tell Mr Glubka that there really are things that are unexplainable. I spent years reading, traveling, meeting people, getting married, having kids and all the normal everyday experiences – but it was not until I experienced something that I could only relate of, BUT NOT EXPLAIN, that a sense of relief occurred. I could tell you about this but there is no reason that you would, or should, believe me. Perhaps Mr Glubka’s inner world is nudging him every so often, as I believe is happening to most people. My experience is that going to the point of not understanding is revelatory

  2. An admirable story! Thanks for the pleasure of reading it. You were 100% right about not going for the “ornate style and long sentences.” I’ll look forward to reading your book of short fictions.

  3. Wanted to give a shout-out to this line: “A good woman dispenses punishment like medicine. A smart make takes it like candy”—brilliant!

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