Paul Yoon’s Once the Shore in NYTBR

Congratulations to One Story author Paul Yoon (issue # 58, “Once the Shore”), whose first short story collection, also titled Once the Shore, is featured in the New York Times Book Review today, receiving a rave review by Joan Silber:

“…the beauty of these stories is precisely in their reserve: they are mild and stark at the same time. By mild I do not mean cozy. Harshness is always close at hand here, and no one is surprised by betrayals, thefts, brutal mistakes of war. Nor do the stories entirely lack acts of will. A couple whose son has probably been killed in a bombing test resolutely set off at sea to search for him. A child whose family farm has been sold tells the buyer’s wife to go home. But even these resolves feel not altogether voluntary. Most of the collection’s characters move through events with a resignation or forbearance rare in contemporary fiction. Once the Shore is the work of a large and quiet talent.”

Like our current issue by Cote Smith, “Once the Shore” was Paul Yoon’s first publication. That story went on to be included in Best American Short Stories 2006, and then sold as the title story of his collection to Sarabande Books. One Story is thrilled to see our writers go on to such accomplishments. You can read an excerpt from the Once the Shore here, and read a Q&A with Paul Yoon and the New York Times here. You can also see him read on May 21st at 7 pm at the Asian American Writer’s Workshop in New York City.

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