From The Trenches: Collecting Issues

“As we did last summer, our One Story interns will be blogging “from the trenches” on what it’s like to work for a lit mag. Our first post is from Hailey Reissman, a returning intern from Washington College. Hope our readers enjoy these snippets from daily life at our offices at the Old American Can Factory in Brooklyn.”–Hannah Tinti

Sometimes life can get a bit “tough” as an intern in the trenches of a literary magazine. The coffee gets stale or there’s just one too many envelopes to stuff. Luckily, One Story has a host of enthusiastic and generous fans whose excitement is contagious.

One such fan is YA author Michael Northrop, who happily let the world know on a recent post in his blog that he’s “got issues”–10 to be exact. Michael has a hobby that is quite exciting and humbling to us here at One Story–he collects signed copies of the magazine.

Michael recently entered the double digits with the help of our super managing editor, Tanya Rey, and our O. Henry award-winning author of issue #94, Mohan Sikka. Congratulations, Michael! Thanks for your support!

10 issues!

Michael and his issues!

Read more on the saga of Michael’s collecting at his blog.

2 thoughts on “From The Trenches: Collecting Issues

  1. Hi, Hailey,
    Thanks for the links—my google alerts just lit up like Times Square! I think the signed One Story could be the new stamp. Not in the licking them and putting them on envelopes so much as in the collecting, you understand.

    Also, I am obligated to mention that there’s an extra A on the end of your link to my Amazon page. (I am assuming that A is for effort.)

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