Hemingway and KGB Espionage


Ernest Hemingway: world-class boxer, drinker, huntsman, fisherman, ambulance driver, Fitzgerald-Basher, KGB agent?  According to this article in the Guardian, we can add “Agent Argo” to old Hem’s ever-growing resume.  However, we may also need to add yet another asterisk.  Apparently, Argo (Hemingway’s cover name) was not able to provide Soviet agents with any useful political data in the 40s, and he was never “verified in practical work.”  

But Hem really was a very great writer, perhaps the greatest 20th century American short story writer, and this part of his resume certainly does not need the adornment of a tiny, monochromatic star.  Hemingway’s grandson, Seán Hemingway, recently edited a new version of A Moveable Feast, which includes previously unpublished chapters. A Moveable Feast: The Restored Edition was published last week by Scribner.  You can read the NY Times review here  or watch a video about the new edition below.

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