Karl Iagnemma’s The Upgrade

Recently One Story published its first robot story, and you wouldn’t believe the volume of scrawled-on-invoice positive responses to it. Turns out Paul Maliszewski is not the only one with automatons on the brain.

Enter “The Upgrade”, a futuristic glimpse into the socio-mechanical problems of tomorrow. Where today engineers are pushing polygons in video games past the acceptable “realistic” benchmarks, tomorrow they are surely upgrading the semantic capabilities of machines nearly human. Can you imagine the implications of being able to communicate as well with your machines as with other humans?

Check out Karl’s robotics page, or his website detailing his latest novel.

One thought on “Karl Iagnemma’s The Upgrade

  1. One of the things I always find funny about sci-fi (which I love) is the way everything gets labelled with an extra fancy adjective. Breakfast becomes hyper-breakfast and money becomes nu-money etc.

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